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This interjective expression that always makes us react is usually used to challenge someone.

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Usually, at the end of the week, after having taken care of our various obligations and after taking care of our loved ones, there is not much time left and we no longer have enough energy to accomplish and carry out our small personal projects which are dear to us.

Think of you

On the eve of this new year, many of us will make incredible resolutions that will unfortunately never be kept.

The purpose of this text is not to invite you to make a phony resolution, but rather to challenge you simply: to make the necessary efforts to learn and improve your knowledge as a hunter and fisherman.

The more vigor and conviction you put into it, the better your results will definitely be on the waters and in the backcountry.

Apart from my column in your Log and specialized magazines, there is a very simple and free tool called “the internets” as many call the Web, the Web or the Net.

Just peg a wish request at the knowledge level and like magic, a host of solutions appear on the screen.

Here are some topics that might interest you and encourage you to be game… Good year !

For anglers

Knotting: The only link that holds your eventual capture at the end of your line and your lure is the knot. On many occasions, we hear amateurs say that the fish broke everything. In fact, in many cases, it is rather the knot that has come untied or broken. See the diagrams to learn how to tie the Palomar, Double Eel, Rapala, Uni to Uni, Blood, etc. knots.

Techniques: Many followers only master a few methods to thwart the targeted species. For walleye, apart from crankbait trolling and soft jigs, it is possible to opt for worm harnesses, for the drop shotfor some jigs metallic, etc. Just like for the speckled, apart from the spoons filled with earthworms, there are the small jigsmini-tubes, small musts, etc.

At the food: Do you ever delight in the flesh of a fish you’ve caught and bite into bones that shouldn’t be there? Multiple fillet knife wielders will advise and help you improve.

For the hunter

Calls: Seizing a call with confidence and making varied, high-performance calls is no small feat for a novice. A simple search will direct you to lessons and advice of all kinds for all big game, canines, migrants, etc.

Method: Many enthusiasts have hunted various game in the same way since they were young. In fact, in many cases, it was their mentor who taught them these valuable, proven approaches.

Unfortunately, when nothing seems to work the way you want, there are other ways to do it that could do you a favor.

Accuracy: Can you shoot accurately freehand at 100 yards? To fire at very long range, even with a good point of support? Many experts will tell you incredible tips on the subject and help you improve.


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