Young boy completely loves ice cream during Dodgers game

The Los Angeles Dodgers beat the Minnesota Twins 10-3 Tuesday night in Los Angeles for their ninth straight win, but that’s not what made this young Dodgers fan happy.

It was a Dodgers helmet full of vanilla ice cream.

By the end of the sixth inning and the Dodgers leading 6-1, sports announcers couldn’t get enough of this happy young lad enjoying big scoops of ice cream in a Dodgers helmet.

A young Dodgers fan thoroughly savors his vanilla ice cream during Los Angeles’ win over the Twins.

The youngster wore some of the yummy desert on his face as the broadcast duo couldn’t resist a play-by-play of the adorable ‘crush it’ moment.

Here is the play-by-play of the cool little scene:

That’s having fun at a baseball game.

But the loss was not a sweet one for the Twins, who found themselves tied for first place in the AL Central with the Cleveland Guardians, the first time they did not hold the division’s top spot alone since the June 24.


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