YOU SAID IT: Need for Healthcare Solutions


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Is it repairable? The constant question without any answer. Time and time again, our federal government, our so-called leader and his cronies are unable to give Canadians a clue what to do with our not only broken, but utterly collapsed health care system.

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We realize that money is not the only solution, but it is an essential ingredient in the recipe for a solution. Very often, money was generously thrown in the air to land anywhere but on Canadian soil.

Yes, I am one of those aging baby boomers who are doctor orphans and are waiting to hear from those who might be able to help me with my remaining medical issues, which will eventually need to be addressed. I was fortunate enough to have three stents placed in my lower body three weeks ago, which now allows me as much mobility as I need. A definite boost to my four curling matches a week.

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Those in power must immediately create a dedicated and accountable think tank to address the lack of needed treatment for Canadians of all ages. No, we can’t just blame our prime minister this time. It is a national tragedy. Those who suffer and wait and wait are running out of time. Who will bear the responsibility for so many possible deaths?



(Who indeed?)


I almost cried tears for those poor school board workers trying to get by on $40,000 a year. You know, wife, kids, dog, mortgage and car payments. Then I caught up. Perhaps, as unions claim, school board staff are underpaid and perhaps even underrecognized. But here’s something to add to your morning cup of coffee. Ask most seniors if they would like an annual income in the range of $40,000. You might see enough tears to cause a flood!

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At first glance, the union wanted to be around 11%. I think it’s down to about 6%. Well, seniors who collect OAS payments get an annual raise every year. It usually amounts to between $2 or $3! Try buying a cup of coffee with this.

So where am I going with this? If you have a job that pays $40,000, you might not be able to afford a wife, kids, dog, mortgage, and car. It is a financial reality. Something union officials tend to ignore.



(Reality can be a difficult thing.)


I am truly inspired by Ms Freeland’s decision to end her subscription to the premium streaming service Disney+ in order to cope with inflation and the expected recession. And to think that she personally took the decision to her children, with no henchmen involved. What a great example of public service.

Therefore, I will no longer buy HÄAGEN-DAZS ice cream. From now on, it’s just Breyer for me!



(These are the sacrifices we all have to make…)


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