YOU SAID IT: Ford smart to stay out of it


Here are today’s letters from the Ottawa Sun to the editor.

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You’re smart to stay out of the Emergencies Act investigation, Premier Ford. Having had the experience of a bee caressing your uvula and getting away with it unscathed, you wouldn’t think it wise to enter the main hive, where all the major activities take place.

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You have done your due diligence for your province and its citizens by putting it in a good fiscal position. You have your Solicitor General who is quite capable of responding to any emergency situation without you having to hold his hand. It is once again correct when it is said that other important decisions on the issue of convoys were at the federal level. Our fearless leader should have crawled out from under the bed to confront the dust bunny monster at the right time. The resulting storyline could have had a different ending. He never seems to be present for the most important events that require top-notch decisions and contributions.

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You have nothing but my utmost respect, Mr. Ford, for how you have dealt with the many major challenges thrown at your doorstep over the past few years of COVID-19 and the economic crisis. I hope you will stay with us to carry us forward into a region where the light is the brightest.



(Ottawa is still in Ontario, right?)


The fact that no Prime Minister has suspended freedoms, seized bank accounts and given the police extraordinary powers since Pierre Trudeau invoked the War Measures Act, the ancestor of the urgency, shows why this survey is so important for the future.

The RCMP, Ontario Provincial Police and Ottawa Police Service all indicated that they saw no need for the AME since all normal legal means of dealing with the « Freedom Convoy » had no not been exhausted. CSIS and the RCMP conducted a thorough threat and risk assessment to determine that this demonstration did not pose a necessary national security threat before the AME was invoked. Therefore, Trudeau appears to have acted out of fear and policy and must be firmly reprimanded.

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(This seems like a radical take on the facts.)


The Bank of Canada raised the interest rate again. All with the aim of slowing down inflation. Meanwhile, just down the street, Trudeau continues to raise the carbon tax, increasing the cost of virtually everything that causes said inflation.

Everything we buy in stores comes to the store by haul truck, burning diesel fuel, which is heavily carbon-taxed, and stores pass that tax on to customers in the form of increased prices.

It certainly seems that Trudeau is incapable of “connecting the dots” in that it is his continued carbon tax increases that are the cause of these inflationary times.



(If only it were that simple.)


It’s hard to believe that Canadians don’t think our freedom is in jeopardy when China has police stations on Canadian soil. It makes you wonder if these stations have been sanctioned by Comrade Justin, or maybe he doesn’t care, because he is a master in the art of getting rid of Canadians.



(We’re not sure anyone doesn’t mind these stations.)

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