You can buy Scotland’s Isle of Vaila for $2.1 million

Even frugal Scots would call this island a bargain.

Vaila Island, located in the Shetland Islands archipelago, is on the market for a whopping $2.1 million.

The secluded property, which spans 757 acres, includes a 17th-century mansion, around 6.5 miles of coastline and a bell tower dating from 1894.

Owners Richard Rowland and Dorota Rychlik are selling it after three decades of ownership.

Vaila Island’s original price was $300,000 in 2020.
Vladi Private Islands

« We’ve had a fantastic 30 years here, and we’ve been moving on for years now, so I think now is the time for someone else to step in, » Rowland told Shetland News.

In 2020, The Post reported that the price of the island was only $300,000.

But with soaring housing prices — and soaring rents in New York post-pandemic — the increase seems justifiable.


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