York University staff to strike if union deal not reached by July 1


Thousands of York University staff are heading for a strike if a new agreement is not reached with the union by July 1.

Sonny Day, president of the York University staff association, told CityNews the two sides negotiated for nearly 7 p.m. Wednesday, though no agreement was reached.

“Around 4 a.m. [on Wednesday]the parties have decided to adjourn and resume [Thursday afternoon] with the aim of continuing negotiations,” Day said in an email.

« The union will be in a legal strike position if we don’t reach an agreement by 12:01 a.m. on July 1. »

Day says more than 1,700 York University staff members will leave work if an agreement is not reached before Canada Day.

The York University Staff Association (YUSA) said last week that their contract expired a year ago, with the two sides entering negotiations in November 2021.

« YUSA members haven’t been on strike in over 35 years, but they feel their employer has gone too far this time, » YUSA officials wrote in a press release.

“This bargaining unit, which represents administrative, technical and laboratory staff on campus, would end many student operations, services and supports.”

York University, 2020. Photo: THE CANADIAN PRESS.

YUSA says the two sides met 27 times before a ‘no counsel report’ was filed with the Department of Labor on June 8.

“After two years of adapting to keep the organization running during the pandemic, YUSA members have made it clear that they are tired of being overlooked and undervalued,” the association said.

« Throughout the negotiations, they were met with concessional language, including a proposal for temporary layoffs, which if put in place two years ago would have meant hundreds of members out of work. »


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