Yankees outfield blunder extends inning to set up two-run homer

Be sure to tighten your glove.

That fundamental may have helped New York Yankee Harrison Bader in the second inning of Game 3 of the ALCS against the Houston Astros.

With two outs and New York ace Gerrit Cole nearly through the inning, Christian Vasquez sent a fly ball to right-center field which was ultimately dropped by Bader. Aaron Judge and Bader were chasing the initial ball and trying to avoid a collision. The judge walked past Bader just as he was about to catch him, causing the error.

Chas McCormick ripped a two-run homer to right field the very next at bat and gave Houston a 2-0 early lead.

Harrison Bader and Aaron Judge had a miscommunication, resulting in an error in the first run.
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Apart from that incident, Bader stood out in the playoffs. The Bronxville native hit four home runs in October.


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