world talking news – More children’s stories about feminism and the war on plastic 


Feminism and the battle on plastic more and more dominate youngsters’s tales, a BBC survey has discovered. 

Evaluation by the Oxford College Press of greater than 100,000 tales submitted to a Radio 2 competitors discovered that there was a major rise in feminist themes and worries about conservation. 

Publicity surrounding the 100th anniversary of some ladies being given the precise to vote had “had an impact on a considerable variety of entries, with frequent use of Suffragette, Votes for Girls, WSPU, force-feed and starvation strike”, the OUP mentioned. 

The inclusion of historic ladies in storylines rose by a 3rd in each boys’ and women tales, with suffragette Emily Davison and mathematician Ada Lovelace each showing for the primary time. 

Tales together with Emmeline Pankhurst rose by 833 per cent and aviator Amelia Earhart by 350 per cent. 

One story by a nine-year-old lady was about Larry, the Suffra-cat, “who began by chaining himself to a statue exterior Parliament and yowling so loudly that the MPs could not get on with their work”, prompting the Prime Minister to offer cats the vote. 

The usage of the phrase “plastic” had risen by greater than 100 per cent on the earlier yr as children wrote about sea animals being hurt by packaging and pollution. 

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