world talking news – Farmers put sheep in CT scanners to help breed tastier chops


Choosing one of the best ram for breeding was a case of checking for foot rot, good lamb weight and a vigorous countenance.  

However now farmers are turning to fashionable expertise to search out the proper animals to supply the healthiest flock. 

Researchers on the Agriculture and Horticulture Improvement Board (AHDB) and Scotland’s Rural School have been testing whether or not CT scanners can decide which animals will produce one of the best meat. 

The tactic causes no hurt to the rams, and measures the fats and muscle content material in order that solely people with the healthiest genes can be chosen for future breeding. 

Kirsty McLean, supervisor of the faculty’s CT Scanning Unit, mentioned: “The CT machines are correct sufficient to measure every little thing from backbone size, to eye muscle space, to intramuscular fats ranges – all of which is taken under consideration when understanding the best way to produce the best-tasting meat. 

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