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Woman claims microbeads ‘sticked’ to her face from exfoliation

A rising beauty influencer has been shocked and issued an online warning for anyone using face wash containing microbeads – after a horrifying discovery in the middle of her face.

“Guys, this is crazy: so I just went and got my facial – I feel stylish,” Emma Kingsley revealed in a now-viral TikTok video, which has been viewed over 1.8 million times on Wednesday .

However, Kingsley said she was shocked when her beautician discovered tiny red and orange beads embedded in her skin during her facial treatment.

“She asked me, in the middle of my face – ‘what kind of face wash do you use? “And I was like, ‘Well, I ran out of my normal stuff, so I used Neutrogena – the grapefruit stuff.'”

Kingsley claimed his facialist asked, “Are there any orange or red beads in it?” And I was like, ‘Yeah, there is’”

That’s when the ticked TikToker enters: “PEARLS. Neutrogena beads were stuck on my face. She pulled out several beads of Neutrogena. If you are using Neutrogena Grapefruit Scrub, stop, STOP.

She said her beautician explained that when Kingsley washed her face with lukewarm water, it opened up the pores on her face which she then treated with the product.

“Every time I washed my face, I opened my pores and rubbed in the scrub, and then a little pearl went in there,” she claimed. “And then I finished washing my face with cold water because it’s good for inflammation. So the pores closed, the pearls never come out and they’re stuck in my face.

In 2015, Congress amended the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (FD&C Act), passing the Microbead-Free Water Act of 2015, which prohibits the manufacture, packaging, and distribution of cosmetics to rinse containing plastic microbeads.

Kingsley claims she ran out of her usual face wash and started using Neutrogena.

On the brand’s website, the Neutrogena Grapefruit Scrub listing says it’s free of plastic microbeads and “features gentle exfoliants that smooth away roughness without drying or irritating acne-prone skin.”

Neutrogena products typically contain biodegradable microcrystalline/cellulose beads.

The Post has contacted Johnson & Johnson, the parent company behind the brand, for comment.

Kingsley told BuzzFeed, “I actually thought the face wash worked well. My skin looked great and I had no irritation. I also have sensitive skin, but I had no idea the product was hurting me.

In her viral clip, the content creator admitted to being “so scared” – but added that she was “so grateful to my beautician”.

Woman claims microbeads ‘sticked’ to her face from exfoliation
Kingsley said she will no longer use the face wash.

Meanwhile, his TikTok viewers were horrified to think they might have tiny pearls stuck in their skin.

“I used the beads in my early twenties thinking it would exfoliate,” one TikToker commented. “But I had the worst acne afterwards and even got a pearl stuck in my tear duct, no thanks!”

“Last month I literally put two and two together and thought my pearl face wash was ruining my face! Confirms it,” another wrote.