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WOKE WATCH: Ohio prof wins $400B in pronoun pandemonium

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An Ohio college professor was paid $400,000 for school requests to use pronouns a student wants.

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Nick Meriwether, a professor at Shawnee State University, said America Reports that the school’s demands were an attack on his religious beliefs and his freedom of expression.

“The student approached me after class and told me he wanted to be considered female, and I tried to find accommodation with the student. I was willing to use his own name, a feminine proper name, and initially the administration was willing to accept that, but then the administration changed course and demanded that I defer to ideology, that I refer to the student as a woman and I just couldn’t do that,” Meriwether said.

The university – based in Portsmouth – punished Meriwether in 2018 for not addressing the transgender student with the student’s preferred gender pronouns.

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When he talked about what’s called the First Amendment (guaranteeing free speech), the school bureaucrats told him that waking language trumped his free speech.

But the professor pushed back, saying Shawnee had violated his rights and breached his Christian beliefs. And then he filed a complaint.

“I believe that God created men and women, men and women. But also the idea that my speech might be constrained, might be constrained by the administration… The college classroom should be a place for debate and discussion and free-wheeling ideas. The university doesn’t have to tell professors how they should think with students. It was a coercion of my free speech,” Merriweather said.

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Meriwether was represented in court by Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF).

After a three-year fight, the United States Court of Appeals ruled that Meriwether’s rights had been violated and ordered the university to write a check.