Wiz Khalifa Indiana concert ends in chaos after reports of gunfire

Chaos erupted at a Wiz Khalifa concert outside Indianapolis on Friday night, as fans demanded the exits amid unsubstantiated reports of gunshots.

The « See You Again » rapper prematurely ended his set at the Ruoff Music Center in Noblesville, Indiana, after a melee of sorts broke out to stage left, witnesses said.

Fans seemed to rush from the stage to the exits, prompting many onlookers to follow suit. The Ruoff Music Center, an open-air venue, has a capacity of nearly 25,000 with lawn entrance and paid seating.

Ian Hansen, 21, of Indianapolis was watching the show from the lawn when he saw the commotion erupt near the end of Wiz’s set.

Several onlookers took to social media claiming there had been a shooting. But Hansen and local police could not confirm this information.

« I don’t know if I heard a gunshot…what I do know is I saw people running towards the scene, » Hansen told the Post by phone.

« And as soon as people started running towards me, it was kind of a herd effect and we just started running out of the room just to get away from whatever was going on. »

Rory Appleton, an IndyStar reporter, had a similar experience on the show.

“People were screaming about the shooting. We all ran away…climbed the fences, did anything to get out,” he said. tweeted.

Police told IndyStar they were not aware of any shootings at the site.

Some people outside of the show were « distressed » afterward, according to Hansen.

Many have no doubt had recent mass tragedies like the 2017 Las Vegas music festival mass shooting and the fatal stampede at Travis Scott’s Astroworld performance last year on their minds.

« Truly the scariest experience ever was here, hope everyone is safe! » a fan tweeted.

Rapper Logic opened the show without a hitch.


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