Wines and pleasures: let’s drink on Halloween!


It’s the weekend just before Halloween and you have a few costume parties planned to celebrate this fall event? That’s good, we have a few products to offer you to put you in the mood and make you have a good time! Happy Halloween!

Legend Of Dracula Feteasca Neagra 2019

The legendary vampire now has his own vintage and it comes to us from Romania, where the castle of Vlad III, known as « the Impaler » and also nicknamed « Dracula », is located. Made entirely from an emblematic local grape variety, fetească neagră (or « black girl » in French), this wine stands out for its ample texture, its notes of ripe red and black berries, vanilla, chocolate and of spices. Well balanced, without falling into excess of wood, this wine is drunk with pleasure! I even believe it will bring out the carnivore in you! With a beautiful dark blood red, it will be the perfect match with bloody red meat and it will also perfectly complement your vampire costume!

Red wine, 750ml
Romania, Dealu Mare
SAQ CODE: 13902388
Price: $19.50

Dead Man’s Fingers

With a skull on its label and such a horrifying product name, we have the perfect product to offer to our costumed guests! The product, however, is far from being horrifying! It is a flavored rum with natural spices and aromas, which will be a hit at your little adult party. The rum, of superior quality, is aged in the Caribbean where it comes from. It is then sent in barrels of oak barrels to the United Kingdom where it is received by the owners of the Rum & Crab Shack in England. This recognized bar and restaurant in the region, which specializes in its rum offer, then adds its secret recipe of spices and herbs. The result is a sweet rum reminiscent of the famous Tortuga Rum Cakes from Barbados. There are lovely notes of pastry, saffron, orange, vanilla, nutmeg, cinnamon and rum and raisin ice cream. An intoxicating rum that will transport you to a paradise island in the Caribbean at the time when the pirates of the seas sowed terror on the waters! To be taken alone, on ice in a cocktail with tropical juices.

Spiced rum
750ml, UK
SAQ Code: 14379921
Price: $31.00

Dead Man’s Fingers Pinneapple

Another used rum that comes to us from the same house. Once the premium aged rum arrives in barrels from the Caribbean at The Rum and Crab Shack in Cornwall, a special blend of natural flavors and spices is added to create a pineapple rum. The mix is ​​amazing! The rum thus deploys sweet notes of roasted and candied pineapple. It is well balanced with notes of brown sugar and nutmeg. We have a little taste of the Tropics in the mouth, but the flavors are well balanced so that the mixture is pleasant and not too exuberant. With small hints of lime nuts and an anise side, it is an interesting product. It also stands out from the competition by the fact that its recipe uses natural flavors more than artificial ones. Perfect on its own, on ice or with lemonade and a mint leaf!

flavored rum
SAQ Code: 14970041
Price: $30.50

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