Windsor placement agency seeks to match Ukrainian refugees with jobs

As war rages in Ukraine, many of the country’s newcomers who have arrived in Windsor are looking for work. A local employment agency seeks to help them.

The Forge Consulting Group, which works with companies to help them fill positions, has already hired one Ukrainian refugee and found a placement for another, and they say they are just getting started.

CEO Lindsay Darocy said there are a lot of vacancies right now. There is also a lot of talent among newcomers from Ukraine, and if this is recognized and given a chance, it will benefit both them and this city, she said.

“We have many resumes, hundreds of resumes,” Darocy said. “I hope to be able to place them in a project, depending on the needs of our clients. Potentially, maybe bring them into the healthcare system. We will do everything we can to make that happen. I mean, the The goal here is to help as many people as possible, but even helping one is good.”

Aleksandr Pavlenko was taken on by the company after arriving here in May.

He created a website in Ukrainian for the consulting company that the community can use to find work here in Canada.

Now they are using the site to connect with displaced Ukrainians who want to come here to Windsor.

“We have a lot of health care [sector workers]we have a lot of teachers and share that talent with the rest of the city.”​​​​​-– Lindsey Darocy, CEO, The Forge Consulting Group

One of the new arrivals is Olesia Fedoriak who just arrived a few days ago with her husband and their eight-year-old daughter. They are staying with a Windsor family. She was a teacher in Ukraine but said she was open to any job.

“I think I can work in a factory, or maybe in a dishwasher, maybe as an assistant in a magazine store, a supermarket,” she said. “It’s not a problem with me. I’m ready to work.”

One of the challenges is that the professional qualifications of some of the refugees might not be accepted in Canada, so they might not be able to be employed in their chosen profession in the first place.

When Darocy saw the images of war-torn Ukraine, she decided to help the refugees with donations. This then turned into finding them jobs once she saw the talent.

“We have a lot of health care [sector workers]we have a lot of teachers and share that talent with the rest of the city,” Darocy said.


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