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The deputies face the emergency, that of an inflation which does not cease any more to climb to approach the 6% and of the portfolios of the French which are emptied consequently. Fuel at more than 2 euros per liter, flaming consumer products (+ 17% for pasta in one year, 20% for frozen meats, 13% for prepared meals), rents which have increased by 3 .6% in one quarter… The price increases are spreading to most of the expenditure items of the French.

What response? All the political forces have made it a central issue in their electoral campaigns, with various socio-economic philosophies opposing each other again this week at the Palais Bourbon.

Deaf to the incessant calls from the left to increase wages, Macronie defends its « purchasing power package », examined since Monday in the Hemicycle. A series of measures “which have only one objective: to protect the purchasing power of the French (…) as we have done for two years in the face of major crises”, assured Bruno Le Maire, Minister of the Economy, in introducing the debates.

The elected representatives of the presidential party are warned

Two texts (a bill and an amending finance bill) are at stake. They include meager but welcome justice measures such as the increase in several social benefits (RSA, activity bonus, APL, family allowances), the increase in student grants or the unfreezing of the index point for civil servants. But few structural measures to prevent prices from rising again and having a real and lasting impact on the resources of the French.

“At the time of refueling which is no longer possible for everyone, we have a government which does not seize the opportunity to respond vigorously and decisively to the needs of modest France, which takes the rise in prices as a uppercut », criticizes Sébastien Jumel. The communist deputy denounces a “the almost ideological will of the government to overlook salaries”. « Each time we put the issue of salary increases on the table, the executive answered us with bonuses and checks », also castigates the PS deputy Gérard Leseul, who deplores other major shortcomings concerning the prices of public transport and rents (with only a cap on the increase in rents at 3.5%). This is evidenced by the key measures of the majority: a food voucher of 100 euros (to which will be added 50 euros per child), the extension of the 18-cent discount on fuel, the tariff shield on energy or the tripling of the Macron bonus (tax-free and exempt from social security contributions), « at the goodwill of the companies », recalled the ecologist Sandrine Rousseau.

Renaissance sends several signals to « Republicans »

Responses largely insufficient, according to the deputies of Nupes, who promise to multiply the amendments and their own proposals during parliamentary discussions which promise to be tight, article by article, point by point. Because, Macronie and its only relative majority will not be able to pass in force. After the setback suffered last week, with a health law amputated by half of its text by the votes of the opposition, the deputies of the presidential party are warned: they will have to listen, and negotiate. “It is the constructive spirit of compromise that drives us,” argued Bruno Le Maire, before drawing « red lines: no debt, no additional tax », and to specify that it would not go beyond a budget established at 20 billion euros. « Having ideas is good, but knowing how to finance them is better », added Fadila Khattabi, president of the Social Affairs Committee, who wore her gaze on her left and the Nupes who are proposing wage increases, price freezes, more significant increases in pensions or the index point for civil servants…

The majority is therefore not ready to change economic software despite widening social inequalities. However, she began to give in on the individualization of the Disabled Adult Allowance, refused by Macronie under the previous mandate. A new method of calculation, which would no longer take into account the income of the spouse, should be applied. La Nupes like LR promise to fight in the Assembly so that this is the case this summer, and not by 2023 as Macronie wishes. For the rest, “I have the feeling that they are going to make concessions more to the right than to the left”, worries Sébastien Jumel. In committee, the deputies of Renaissance indeed sent several signals to their LR counterparts by voting several of their amendments. Like the abolition of health contributions for the self-employed. Of the « purchasing power gains »advanced, Monday, Olivier Dussopt, Minister of Labour, who even dares to claim « guaranteeing the French people a better living from their work ». “Your project is dangerous because it gives a blank check to companies not to increase salaries and ruins public accounts: profit-sharing, the tax-free bonus, means less money for the State; lower contributions means less money for social security, replied the rebellious Clémence Guette. As a result, we are doing all-out austerity in public services. »

Macronie also voted in committee for the broader tax exemption of overtime, with an annual limit allowing to benefit from an income tax exemption of 5,000 euros to 7,500 euros. What to ensure the votes of the LR? They know they are wanted and have hinted, in recent days, that they would vote for the text only if their proposal to freeze the price of fuel at 1.50 euros per liter was accepted. A measure also defended by the Nupes, but categorically refused by Bruno Le Maire, according to whom « It would explode public spending ». “This argument does not hold since, at the same time, there is a stubborn refusal by the government to tax superprofits by involving the big eaters such as Total, Engie and others, which most of the other European countries, replies Sébastien Jumel. On the blocking of prices as on the superprofits, the majority could be put in check.


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