Who is Nick Fuentes? We take a look at the neo-Nazi activist who had dinner with Trump last week


Former US President Donald Trump came under fire in late November for having dinner with Kanye West and Nick Fuentes. If the first is very well known here in Quebec, the second is a little less so. Who is he and why do many observers consider him « dangerous »?

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According to the American organization for the fight against anti-Semitism Anti-Defamation League (ADL), Nick Fuentes is a character well known for questioning the existence of the Holocaust during his numerous speeches.

His participation in the dinner between Donald Trump and Kanye West greatly shocked the United States. What’s more, when Kanye West expressed the fact that Donald Trump was strongly impressed by Nick Fuentes’ positions during this conversation.

While the ex-president has denied knowing Fuentes, numerous publications out in the last few hours have said the opposite, according to sources wishing to remain anonymous.

As the former reality TV host launches his presidential campaign, what are Nick Fuentes’ « controversial positions »?

1) Nick Fuentes wants an America where contraception, homosexuality and pornography are illegal, where women cannot go to school, vote, where they can be burned for “witchcraft”.

2) Nick Fuentes explains that the Republican defeat against Joe Biden indicates that his camp is becoming a minority and that it is necessary to establish a right-wing dictatorship.

3) Nick Fuentes Says Jews Need to “Break Out of the United States.” He adds that “they serve the devil”, that “they serve Satan”. “I piss on your Talmud,” he adds.

4) Nick Fuentes welcomes the US Supreme Court’s removal of abortion rights protections at the federal level, as this will help start the movement towards the establishment of « Catholic Taliban » rule.

5) Nick Fuentes wants Gen Z to recapture the “racist wisdom of past generations” because it was right.

6) Nick Fuentes indicates that the only holocaust that exists is that of Jesus and his crucifixion.

7) Nick Fuentes worships Adolf Hitler and sees him as a great statesman.

8) Nick Fuentes says black people are genetically violent.

9) Nick Fuentes explains that he has bragging rights because he had dinner with Trump and everything went well.

While Donald Trump is in full damage controlthe acceptance of these hate speech by the highest levels of the Republican Party worries in the United States as well as in many other countries.

Despite the countless disapprovals of the past few days, few have come from the Trump camp. For the columnist at Log Luc Laliberté, “many Republicans are simply lost. The arrival of Trump and his ilk has led all these beautiful people into a spiral of delirium.

Who is Nick Fuentes?  We take a look at the neo-Nazi activist who had dinner with Trump last week


“Also, it is difficult for them to criticize these positions when the base is infiltrated by people who are favorable to them. Just look at the evolution of the conservative organization CPAC,” he adds.

He concludes by explaining that he “does not remember, apart from the 1930s, an episode in American history when fascism and anti-Semitism were so uninhibited”. And that only increases the concerns of observers, while the campaign for 2024 is already in motion.


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