When the left envies dictatorships

If you haven’t read the letters from the readers of the To have toyesterday you missed something.

An author (God, I hate this word that scratches my ears, do we say « singer », « doctor », « researcher »?) has signed a delirious letter on the justice system.


Here is an excerpt from the first paragraph.

(Tie your tuque with brooch, it really takes your hair off.)

« With the ‘presumption of innocence’, ‘beyond all reasonable doubt’ or even ‘burden of proof’, the institutions that are supposed to protect the population too often resort to magic terms in the name of legal truth to justify and trivialize the sexual violence committed within our society.

“Verdict? These institutions thus become accomplices in perpetuating the culture of rape. »

You read correctly.

According to this lady, who « evolves in a university environment in sexology » (therefore, who is educated and educated), the fact that in Canada, an individual is presumed innocent until proven guilty is established beyond all reasonable doubt “allows abusers to enjoy their power with impunity” and “encourages them to expand their range of sexual assault practices”!

Nothing less !

Ah, how sweet were the days when the accused were presumed guilty instead of being presumed innocent!

When it was up to the accused to prove their innocence and not to the Crown to prove their guilt!

As in The trial by Kafka!

Just like in the good old days of the Stalinist trials!

And what is this business of “proving” the guilt of an attacker?

Do you need evidence now to send someone to jail?

If Bizoune24 wrote on his Facebook page when the bars closed that Machin was guilty, it means he is guilty, come on!

No need for proof!

You don’t even need a trial!

Put him in prison at the most sacred!

And leave me the « reasonable doubt »!

If you have a « feeling », you have a « feeling »!

Isn’t that how we act in North Korea? In Iran? And in Putin’s Russia?


To say that meanwhile, the left criticizes – with good reason – Trump for being too complacent towards tyrants and dictators!

What is the justice system that makes the author trip?

The one that is in force in the worst dictatorships on the planet!

The one who makes the prince of Saudi Arabia salivate! And who sent thousands of innocent people to prison under Ceausescu, Mao, Castro!

Want to see people who are complacent to dictators?

No need to look at Washington!

We have them right here at home.

They study in our universities and send crazy letters to the To have to. Letters that the editorial staff finds so brilliant that it publishes them!

It’s good to make people aware of the dangers of the far right.

But they should also be made aware of the dangers of an extreme left that envies the good old methods of communist regimes.


You know what the greatest woke magic trick is?

Having convinced so many people that they are great intellectuals…

While in the background, they are hollow.


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