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When Marine Le Pen shows her true face in Parliament

Marine Le Pen is not far from being a ghost MP. The far-right candidate has abstained almost all the time since she entered the National Assembly five years ago. From the first law of Macron’s five-year term, aimed at “moralizing” political life, she abstained. But at least she was in the Hemicycle, because most of the time she does not take part in the vote. Moreover, it did not write any report, take part in any evaluation mission, and did not submit any written contribution. However, it would be wrong to write that Marine Le Pen does nothing at all in Parliament. She tabled 1,805 amendments, including 764 which were not even defended in session. Above all, it supported 57 bills. These are illuminating on what she could do if she came to power.

Because Marine Le Pen does not take the pen for nothing. She does this to propose to equip municipal police more and more with firearms, fueling a security escalation. It does this to facilitate the removal of substitute menus in schools, distorting the principle of secularism and stigmatizing Jewish and Muslim children. It does this to prohibit the wearing of religious symbols during school outings (including the veil). In the texts she signs, the leader of the RN regularly targets Islam and Muslims without necessarily saying so. And she did it throughout the quinquennium.

Thus, on January 25, 2022, a few months before the presidential election, Marine Le Pen presented a law aimed at “fight against overflows” at weddings. A scourge that undermines the country, according to her. “Outpourings of joy give way to scenes of the jungle and endangering the lives of local residents and representatives of the State: abusive uses of k laxon, speeding, driving in the wrong direction, urban rodeos, settling of scores, attacks on police and gendarmes, threats against elected officials, use of smoke bombs, damage to public property, mortar fire and even sniper fire firearm, she writes. Whose fault is it ? “These acts are the result of community marriages (…). It is also common to see foreign flags waved at these weddings, which pose serious public safety issues,” continues the candidate, in full amalgam between delinquency and immigration. Fortunately, it intends to arm as many municipal police as possible…

These texts presented by Macronie that Marine Le Pen approved

Marine Le Pen also took advantage of being able to enter the Palais-Bourbon to support a text aimed at “facilitate the eviction of Travelers and squatters”, in particular by reducing the “penalties incurred by owners seeking to evict by themselves”. Here it encourages citizens to take justice into their own hands, rather than strengthening the means of action of the police and justice. Regarding these two sovereign powers, she also signed a legislative text aimed at ensuring that the prison administration, which has been under the Ministry of Justice since 1911, is now attached to the Ministry of the Interior, as was the case. under Vichy.

The candidate is also preparing for the reign of arbitrariness, since her bill aimed at “Combating Islamist ideologies” gives a very vague definition of what Islamism would be, while allowing the banning of newspapers and television channels that would “explicit or implicit apology” or who testify to a “any kind of complacency in their evocation”. Denouncing the ravages of a law specifically attacking Muslims, instead of attacking Islamism, could therefore be worth closing down a newspaper.

Very little invested in day-to-day legislative work, Marine Le Pen nevertheless supported a bill aimed at making “bone tests” compulsory in order to determine the age of unaccompanied minors, on the grounds that their care represents a “colossal cost” to his eyes. In order to fight against immigration, she also defended in the Assembly the prohibition of jus soli in favor of jus sanguinis, as well as the constitutionalization of “national priority”. This in order to exclude foreigners “in matters of public expression of opinions, association, meeting, travel on national territory or trade union action”, in addition to limiting their access “to employment in the private or public sector, to property ownership, to the exercise of certain professions or economic activities as well as to the benefit of certain social benefits or public services”.

But there are also the texts presented by Macronie that Marine Le Pen voted with both hands. That called “global security”, which prohibited journalists and citizens from filming the police before being challenged by the Constitutional Council. The far-right candidate has a good game of saying she is on the side of the mutilated yellow vests, even as she votes for a law which aimed to make the violence they suffer invisible. She also voted for the reform of criminal justice for minors, which makes this justice expeditious, forgets the best interests of the child and advocates blind public order.

green light from the RN to the directive on trade secrets

Finally, Marine Le Pen was not present, coincidentally, when voting to extend the legal deadline for voluntary termination of pregnancy (IVG). But the six far-right deputies who took part in the ballot last February voted against. A position that corresponds to that of the 23 RN MEPs, who constitute the largest contingent of French MEPs, on a par with LaREM. In January 2020, they voted against a resolution condemning pay inequalities between women and men. In November of the same year, they voted again against a resolution denouncing Poland’s ban on abortion. In the process, RN MEPs vote again against a European text hostile to the multiplication of anti-LGBT zones in Poland… In the French Parliament, Marine Le Pen for her part defended a law to ban inclusive writing “for any public or private legal entity benefiting from a public subsidy”, which would therefore concern many associations.

Also from Paris, she voted against the Penicaud orders. Would the candidate be on the side of the workers? It is enough to read its program to be convinced that not, since it intends to weaken the trade unions and to serve the dishes with employers. Just look at what RN MEPs are doing in Strasbourg and Brussels. In September 2021, they abstain when it comes to defending uberized workers and offering them social protection and labor rights. A few months earlier, in March, they had even voted against a report aimed at obtaining a directive on the duty of vigilance of multinationals. After the collapse of the roof of the Rana Plaza textile factory, which killed more than a thousand people in Bangladesh in 2013, MEPs on both the right and the left demanded that large groups be held responsible for the actions of their suppliers or subsidiaries, in respect of human, social and environmental rights. Not the elected RNs, even though this text also presented the opportunity to fight against social dumping.

On almost all of the texts defending the rights of workers in Strasbourg and Brussels, the far right is thus absent subscribers. The RN pretends to be against free trade agreements but almost never participates in bringing them down. In 2016, its elected officials even voted in favor of the directive on business secrecy, which prevents whistleblowers from disclosing the arrangements with the legality of the companies in which they work. In 2019, they also voted against the Pillar of Fundamental Rights, one of the main social advances ever achieved at European level. Proof that in French and European Parliaments, the RN is never on the side of democracy, social rights, the sharing of wealth and the interests of peoples when it sits in the minority. Which would not change in the least if it were to become the majority tomorrow.