What to remember from Dominique Anglade’s campaign? A tough fight.


By starting his campaign on the “offensive” in the Quebec region, Dominique Anglade admitted having opted for a difficult strategy. And the withdrawals of candidates from the first week did not make things easier.

One of the most noted mistakes of the Quebec Liberal Party (PLQ) campaign was the underestimation of Quebec’s gross debt by $16.3 billion in the party’s financial framework. “When we make a mistake, we correct it”, had however argued Mme England.

If the PLQ and its 27 deputies formed the official opposition to the dissolution of the National Assembly, nothing is decided in advance, including in the strongholds of the party. « There is no longer a castle, it’s more of a house of cards, » said Liberal candidate Mathieu Gratton about the riding of Laporte, in Montérégie, where he is running.

Dominique Anglade, however, thinks he has scored points with several voters by talking about the status of women during the last leaders’ debate on September 22. Quebec women have experienced a “significant setback” over the past four years, she lamented, and the number of mothers who have not been able to return to work due to a lack of daycare space for their children bears witness to this.

If the aspiring Prime Minister believes that her words have resonated with the population and that the « tide is turning in his favour « , it remains to be seen whether the result of the October 3 election will prove him right. At 16% of voting intentions in Quebec, according to a Léger poll published on September 27, the needle has moved little for the Liberals in recent weeks.

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