what to expect this Thursday?

After the interprofessional strike day on Tuesday October 18, the CGT announced two new days of mobilization for wages, October 27 and November 10. This day of October 27 was chosen because of a precise calendar: it is this Thursday that TotalEnergies must publish its half-year results.

On October 18, the CGT had counted nearly 300,000 demonstrators, the Minister of the Interior 107,000. But unlike this day of mobilization, the CGT is this time the only one to call for mobilization on a national scale. “For the 27th, we have decided to refer the decision to strike and demonstrate to the departments and sectors, there will be no national appeal,” Simon Duteil, co-delegate general of Solidaires, told AFP. Only the Young Communists responded to the call of the CGT.

Added to this is the date, chosen in the middle of school holidays. The movement should therefore be little followed this Thursday.

Several events should still take place, in Paris and in the region.

In the transports

The CGT Federation of Railway Workers called in a press release on SNCF agents to “take part in the demonstrations which will be organized in the territory on October 27, 2022 in order to maintain the course we have set ourselves, namely: fuel for our salaries! « . But no disruption is expected in terms of train traffic. Passengers can always check the circulation of their train on the SNCF traffic information.

For the rest of public transport, there too few disruptions are announced.

In Paris in particular, there should be little disruption this Thursday, except for occasional closures of stations with the passage of the event. The Intersyndicale metro / RER of the RATP on the other hand promised “zero metro, zero RER”, for the next day of strike for November 10.


The strike was extended until October 27 at the TotalEnergies refinery in Gonfreville, Normandy.

The Federal Union of State Trade Unions (UFSE)-CGT also called on public servants to join « in the broadest unity in the interprofessional day of strikes and demonstrations on October 27 ». .

Strikes are also expected in the culture sector, since the CGT spectacle calls for mobilization and strike action this Thursday. Gatherings will take place in Paris, Nancy and Marseille.

A strike notice was also filed at Radio France, the CGT said in a statement. The programs of Franceinfo, France Inter or France Culture may therefore be disrupted.


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