What the world has in store for us in 2023

Covid and its economic repercussions had dominated international news in 2021. The war in Ukraine crushed the 2022 agenda, leading to a series of aftershocks in the geopolitical, energy, agricultural and financial fields. This total and murderous conflict underlined the weakening of the weight of the West but also the ebb of globalization, which the Sino-American rivalry and the pandemic had already launched in recent years.

There will be a before and an after the invasion of Ukraine, especially on the European continent. At the time of projecting towards 2023, it seemed important to us to note several major turning points which are looming on the horizon: Germany which is rearming, Europe which is doing without oil and, to a lesser degree, gas Russia, a free Ukraine anchored in the West, inflation slowing down. History is making a comeback in Europe, for better and for worse.

But behind the fog generated by current warfare, we have not forgotten the slow upheavals that will infuse the planet in the months to come, under the effect of the digital revolution, the race to space, the mass consumption or the fight against tax havens.


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