What happened after the viral Little League World Series moment is also heartwarming

The emotions didn’t stop flowing after a viral moment in the Little League World Series on Tuesday.

After Oklahoma’s Isaiah Jarvis was hit in the head with an errant pitch by Texas East’s Kaiden « Bubs » Shelton, Jarvis comforted the pitcher in a heartwarming moment that went viral on social media. Oklahoma head coach Sean Kouplen, who spoke to The Athletic after the game, said the special experience didn’t end on the mound.

« We had no idea this was going to go viral, » Kouplen said. « Afterwards, I told them that was so much more important than winning a baseball game. I told them that was what our world needed. She has to put people above differences and above- above competitiveness. To say it was a special moment would be the understatement of my life.

It was an emotional day for Kouplen, the players’ parents and everyone present. ESPN showed footage of spectators in tears. Kouplen admitted he was « crying like a baby » in the dugout.

Jarvis’ video racked up over 1.5 million views, and even after losing 9-4 to Texas East and packing for the trip home, Kouplen was still struggling to hold back his emotions.

Kaiden « Bubs » Shelton throws on Isaiah Jarvis
Jarvis consoles Shelton on the mound
Jarvis consoles Shelton on the mound

Texas East is now advancing to the Little League World Series after beating Oklahoma. Still, there are no hard feelings from Jarvis and his team, and they will support Texas East from home.

“I am a good person before being a good player. I know other people come first,” Jarvis said. “At the end of the day, it’s just a baseball game and we’re having fun. It’s good to be competitive, but don’t hold any grudges.


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