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What can I know?  |  Humanity

To the question posed by Immanuel Kant – what can we hope for? –, applied to tonight’s debate, the answer is brief: nothing! If there is no doubt that Emmanuel Macron will seek to undermine the credibility of the candidate of the extreme right and to demolish his program by invoking, cheaply, the “republican values”, it will be easy for him to attack it on its balance sheet. The president-candidate has a short memory these days. Having remembered in Marseille the importance of ecological issues, he forgot how he had sent the proposals of the Citizens’ Climate Convention back to the Stone Age. Quick to praise his management of the health crisis with the “whatever it takes”he only very vaguely remembers the yellow vests, like the two months of strike and struggles against his pension reform… Where did his commitment, made at the start of the five-year term, to ensure that a second round with the extreme right cannot reproduce itself?

We know he did the opposite. The formalization of Marine Le Pen to the rank of privileged adversary was the alibi of his anti-social policy and president of the rich, at the same time as his life insurance by replaying the scenario of 2017. We are there, but we do not can this time ignore the anger, the reluctance of those who, publicly or privately, refuse to participate again. Too many of today’s lesson givers, crying out loud in the face of the threat of the RN, have co-written this same scenario.

So we have to be clear. It is not a question of voting for Emmanuel Macron, but of using the only ballot available to beat Marine Le Pen and his procession. Because, there is no mistaking it. The one who shows her white paw today and talks to us about her cats not only carries an antisocial, antidemocratic, racist program, but she participates in a vast international movement of the extreme right, from Brazil to Russia, via the United States and Europe. What can I know? said Kant again. That ! What can I do ? Vote on Sunday, and after fight, in all lucidity.