what are the challenges for the residents of Saint-Laurent

While the election campaign is in full swing, Saint-Laurent residents met along Décarie Boulevard and Beaudet Park confided in Subway to talk about the issues they consider priorities for these elections.


Most of the people we met mentioned the environment as the issue that concerned them the most in view of the October 3 election.

Some, like Constantina, met at the exit of the metro from the College, consider that this issue is important, because it would be taken for granted by some.

« We have so many beautiful green spaces that we enjoy in Montreal, » she said. We have to make sure that we can continue to enjoy it.”

Joanna. /Poster: Olivier Boivin – Metro Media

Same story for Joanne, who walked a little further on Décarie. « For me it’s the environment because we want to continue living, » she said. That and social equity will be what I will mainly follow.

Lawrence. /Poster: Olivier Boivin – Metro Media

For his part, Laurent, who works in urban planning, considers the issue of land use planning to be a priority. “The way we organize our cities around cars or greener alternatives, I think is really important,” he explains.

Economy and immigration

For other residents of Saint-Laurent, like Coco, met on a bench in Beaudet Park, the economy is the priority issue of this election, because it is the one that affects the most people.

Coco. /Poster: Olivier Boivin – Metro Media

« I just went to the grocery store and noticed that the prices of almost everything have gone up, » he shares. Something has to be done because everyone is affected.”

For his part, Chris will pay particular attention to the measures to counter the housing crisis that will be brought by the various political parties, his landlord having tried to increase his rent by a hundred dollars.

Chris. /Poster: Olivier Boivin – Metro Media

« For me it was unacceptable, » he said. I think that’s the number one issue because when housing is affordable, it means that many other things become affordable as well.

Finally, Carolina, met near CARI Saint-Laurent, will be more attentive to proposals regarding immigration. Working in this environment herself, she would like to see more resources dedicated to the integration of newcomers.

“There are several issues such as francization, reception and the match between available jobs and their qualifications,” she explains. We see immigration as a solution to the labor shortage, but do we have the infrastructure to accommodate them? No, because among other things there is a lack of housing. These are all issues that are connected.”

The testimonies collected in this article are not intended to represent the opinion of a majority. The surnames of the speakers have been deliberately omitted..

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