WestJet experiences system-wide outage leading to cancellations and ‘increasing delays’

WestJet says a system-wide outage is impacting its operations, leading to « increasing delays » across its network and cancellations.

The Canadian airline says its contact center is unable to access customer reservations due to the outage.

WestJet says it is working to restore service to its system, although it did not provide a reason for the outage.

Calgary International Airport said in a tweet that passengers traveling through its airport may be delayed « due to a global WestJet computer outage. »

It says customers should check with their airline for flight information.

WestJet did not say when service will be restored.

« WestJet is aware of a system-wide outage which is impacting operations and we continue to work to bring all systems online, » WestJet media relations adviser Madison Kruger said. , in an emailed statement.

« We apologize for the inconvenience this is causing customers, as unfortunately the impact of the outage is still being felt on our operations and is now resulting in additional cancellations and increasing delays. »


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