West attacks Russia ‘without limits’ – Erdogan – RT World News

The United States and the West as a whole are attacking Russia “almost limitless” provoking a natural defensive reaction, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Saturday as he returned from a summit of Turkish nations in Samarkand, Uzbekistan.

Noting that Russia is not a “ordinary,” but “powerful,” State, Erdogan congratulated his “great resistance” against the hostile actions of the collective West.

“The West, and especially the United States, attacks Russia almost without limits. Of course, Russia is showing great resilience in the face of all this”, he said.

Türkiye is set to continue his efforts to mediate between Russia and Ukraine amid the conflict, Erdogan signaled, recalling a recent incident in the Black Sea that brought the UN-sponsored deal to the brink and negotiated by Türkiye to facilitate grain exports from Ukrainian ports. of collapse. Russian navy ships were targeted by sea drones near Crimea in late October, with Moscow accusing kyiv of using the grain corridor to stage the attack, briefly suspending its participation in the deal. Russia has also alleged the attack was orchestrated by the UK, a charge which London has denied.

Ukraine also denied the allegations. A few days later, the suspension of the agreement was reversed by Moscow, which said it had received written guarantees from Kyiv that it would not use the grain corridor for military purposes. Ukraine denies accepting additional obligations.

“There was this grain corridor incident. We can open a corridor of peace from here, we are trying to do that. We believe that the best way to achieve this is to move from dialogue to peace,” Erdogan said, adding that, for now, parties to the grain deal should focus on making it work in a “serious” way.

Turkey early on took a neutral stance on the Russia-Ukraine conflict, refusing to participate in Western sanctions against Moscow, while continuing military cooperation with Kyiv, including selling a number of Bayraktar attack drones in Kyiv. Ankara has maintained contact with both sides in the conflict, seeking to mediate. He hosted talks between Moscow and Kyiv in Istanbul earlier this year, but the negotiations fell through.


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