Wave of support for Iranian women

Between 100 and 200 Iranian nationals and citizens marched in Quebec City on Saturday to show their support for opponents of the Tehran regime who are demonstrating for human rights.

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Five weeks after the death of Mahsa Amini, this young woman arrested in Iran by the “morals police” for not respecting the dress code imposed on women, the emotion and the desire for change are also strong among the members of the community. Iranian who have taken up residence in Quebec.

“I wish that one day we can return to our country and live a completely normal life. The normal law, the normal right to live,” asked an Iranian student who preferred not to mention her name.


Photo QMI Agency, Marcel Tremblay

The participants marched between the Château Frontenac and Place d’Youville chanting slogans such as « justice, freedom for Iran », « no to the compulsory hijab » and « democracy in Iran », attracting on occasion applause from passers-by.


In Iran, the popular uprising was the object of a strong repression and caused a hundred deaths.

“It is to support the people who are currently, at this hour, in the streets in Iran [pour] their basic rights and their human rights and [qui] absolutely demand the departure of the Islamic government of Iran”, affirmed one of the organizers, Foad Goodarzi.


Photo QMI Agency, Marcel Tremblay

The 45-year-old nurse, established in Quebec since 2018, explains that the demands of the Iranians today exceed the opposition to the compulsory wearing of the veil by women.

“It is the explosion of a collective anger that has been accumulated for 43 years” against the regime in place, he summarizes, asking Western countries, including Canada, to maintain pressure on Iranian leaders.


Photo QMI Agency, Marcel Tremblay

The MP for Beauport-Limoilou, Bloc Québécois Julie Vignola, spoke briefly to support the movement and support Iranian women.


The march was disrupted for a few moments near City Hall, as a man seemed irritated by the presence of the convoy of protesters near his parked car. Police intervened to defuse the situation.


Photo QMI Agency, Marcel Tremblay

According to the Service de police de la Ville de Québec (SPVQ), a person filed a complaint for assault while the motorist filed a complaint for mischief on a vehicle.

The remainder of the event was uneventful.

Canada announced a few days ago a third wave of sanctions against representatives of the Iranian regime « due to its gross and systematic violations of human rights and its continuous actions aimed at destabilizing regional peace and security ».

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