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Waukesha Christmas Parade suspect faces dozens of new charges in amended complaint

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WAUKESHA, Wis. (CBS 58) – Man accused of plowing the Waukesha Holiday Parade, Darrell Brooks, faces dozens of new charges after an amended complaint was filed on Wednesday, January 12.

Brooks’ expenses now include:

  • First degree intentional homicides (six counts)
  • First degree security recklessly endangering (61 counts)
  • Hit and run resulting in death (six counts)
  • Felony bail jumping (two counts)
  • Battery for misdemeanor (two counts)

The original six charges of intentional first degree homicide involved the deceased victims. Most of the new charges detail the dozens of injuries sustained along the parade route.

One family said they are happy that all victims are now recognized, but add that it is possible that no justice can ever fully heal the pain.

Eleven-year-old Jessalyn Torres’ family are still healing after the tragedy, both physically and emotionally. Her uncle Ryan Kohnke said: “It’s very visceral. It’s an emotional thing. It almost feels like nothing that gets done is going to equal what happened.”

Jessalyn recently returned home from the hospital after 24 days of recovery, but she still has procedures going on her throat because scar tissue from the ventilator is preventing her from breathing.

Nonetheless, the announcement of new charges is a positive step forward, according to Kohnke. “I spoke to my sister just before this. She’s really happy that County Waukesha is taking the time to read all of these accusations and include all of the victims. It’s really important to the family’s healing process. . “

Dr Chad Wetterneck is the Clinical Director of Trauma Recovery Services at Rogers Behavioral Health. He said, “People should recognize that they might be affected by this for a long time.

Dr Wetterneck says everyone directly or indirectly affected by the tragedy may be on different paths to recovery, and while the new accusations may help end some, that may not be the case for everybody. “Emotionally, it’s likely that it elicits the same responses they felt when it happened, and experienced directly after it as well.”

Kohnke is an Iraq war veteran who sees parallels between his PTSD and what his children, family and community are going through. But he says he and his military colleagues chose to take that risk; the community of Waukesha did not.

Still, he’s able to use his experiences to help those close to him cope with the tragedy, and he says that includes accepting that their shutdown may not be an end. He said: “I don’t know if what he says will ever change how I feel or the mental and physical scars it has left on our family and our community.”

Darrell Brooks is scheduled to appear in court on Friday, January 14 at 9:15 a.m.

Brooks is accused of walking through the Waukesha Holiday Parade on November 21, killing six people and injuring dozens more. He is being held on $ 5 million bail.

Over the past two decades, Brooks has had at least 12 convictions.

Read the complaint below: