WATCH: Shocking video shows GO train crashing into car in North York

Metrolinx has shared shocking new security footage of an incoming GO train crashing into a vehicle after the driver illegally slid through a level crossing in North York.

Metrolinx Senior Advisor Andrea Wiseman featured the video on Metrolinx News, which was posted to « raise awareness of railroad crossing safety. »

Wiseman says the incident happened in mid-May near the Carl Hall Road level crossing in North York.

The startling footage shows the driver of an SUV slowly crawling over the hub – a section of road that crosses a train track – only to be hit by a GO train.

The driver survived the collision and suffered no serious injuries, but was charged in the incident.

« Most of these incidents, like the one in the video, are preventable, » said Martin Gallagher, chief security officer at Metrolinx.

“Railway crossing collisions are caused by pedestrians, cyclists and motorists who deliberately take risks or make poor decisions by mistake, habit or distraction. Everyone should be alert at level crossings and remember that trains move quickly and can appear at any time.

100 Canadians seriously injured, killed each year at level crossings

Metrolinx cites data from Operation Lifesaver, which notes that approximately 100 Canadians are seriously injured or killed each year at railroad crossings.

Metrolinx urges drivers and motorists to be extra careful and vigilant when approaching these crossings.

A key tip is to concentrate on what you are doing and not be distracted by other passengers or your cell phone.

Gallagher says there is « no single answer » to why people make these reckless decisions.

« This incident could have been much worse for the driver and everyone on and near the train, » Gallagher said.


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