Watch a man ‘having a blast’ smoking crack on the subway


This straphanger comes off the rails.

A man caught on video smoking what appears to be crack on a city subway train has gone viral on social media and New Yorkers are on fire.

« Oh man! » cries the bug-eyed wired passenger after lighting and sucking on a glass pipe.

“Check it out, y’all. He is having the time of his life! observes the videographer in the 23-second clip shot aboard an Uptown 4 train last month.

The reinvigorated passenger – wearing a blue surgical mask around his forehead – then turns around, stands against the subway doors and shouts, « Ayo, damn man! »

An irritated passenger with a buzzcut stares straight ahead during the floor show as others put some distance between themselves and the apparent crackhead.

“This shouldn’t happen on the train. It’s just crazy,” said Mine Bah, a 23-year-old rapper and Bronx Community College student who posted the October video to his Instagram Malcolmx_2 last month. The Brooklyn man told the Post that a friend recorded the incident and posted it from the phone. The post has over 38,000 likes.

A zoned subway straphanger was caught smoking crack and having “the time of his life,” as shared on instagram.

joked lady__d88: « My man [buzzcut man] just sitting next to him also breathing trying to catch a shot 😭😭😭.

“It was non-existent before the 2020 shutdowns. Now it happens every day,” replied Ministry of Otaku.

Activist Jason Curtis Anderson tweeted the video Thursday, growling, « Is smoking crack on the subway still a crime? »


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