Warrant used to search Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate will be made public, US AG says – National

The US Department of Justice filed a motion to unseal the search warrant used by the FBI to enter Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate this week, Attorney General Merrick Garland said Thursday.

In his first public comments since Monday’s unprecedented search, Garland said the motion to unseale was filed « in light of the intense public interest presented by the search of a residence of a former president. »

Garland, the nation’s top law enforcement official, said he personally approved of the decision to search Trump’s home.

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Republicans rally around Donald Trump after FBI raid on his estate

Trump announced for the first time Monday night that FBI agents came to his property in Florida and searched several rooms, and also opened his personal safe.

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It was later revealed that FBI agents were looking for documents and other items that Trump allegedly took with him from the White House to Florida at the end of his presidency, some of which were considered confidential documents – a federal crime .

It is not yet known whether FBI agents found anything at Mar-a-Lago, or exactly what materials authorities were looking for.

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FBI’s unprecedented search of Trump’s home sparks Republican outrage

FBI’s unprecedented search of Trump’s home sparks Republican outrage

Garland came under intense pressure from both political parties to provide more details about the evidence that led a federal judge to approve the warrant.

He didn’t share more about the case beyond confirming that Trump’s attorneys were present during the search and were given a copy of the warrant by FBI agents.

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