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WARMINGTON: Trudeau blinks at unvaccinated truckers should understand

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Just in time, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau blinked.


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When it comes to punishing unvaccinated Canadians, you don’t often see such a reversal.

But in the face of the prospect of a supply chain crisis, the Canada Border Services Agency bowed to pressure from the trucking industry and decided to forgo requiring drivers to be double vaccinated from leaving. of Saturday.

CBSA spokeswoman Rebecca Purdy told The Canadian Press that truckers “won’t have to self-quarantine if they’re not vaccinated.”

Pressure has been brought on by Niagara West MP Dean Allison and others who have warned of the difficulties such a move could cause.

Fortunately, the federal government gave in.

No one was happier to hear this news than Harold Jonker, who runs a Niagara-area trucking company and warned it would have left Canada without receiving 250,000 pounds of food and supplies each day.


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“We should have parked at least ten of our 25 trucks,” he said.

Some drivers crossing the US border have been vaccinated, but in some companies up to 35% were not complying – believing they are mostly working alone and not in large crowds where there might be a risk of spread.

Jonker notes that American drivers still face vaccination warrants and Canadian drivers remain nervous.

“It’s a start,” he said. “We all need to keep working to make things better. “

This is the most important point.

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As good as it may sound for some leaders to try to blame the pandemic on an unvaccinated minority, it is a strategy that is not leading to anything positive.

In the name of punishment, many people have lost their jobs for not complying and face many restrictions. A poll shows that 60% of Canadians wanted a medical tax on the unvaccinated as they introduced in Quebec.


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But the problem is that vaccines fail to stop infections or the spread of the Omicron variant. So, rather than continuing with the approach of singling out the unvaccinated, it would be better to accept all people in society and not show any discrimination.

When you force a child who is battling cancer out of a nursing home because their parents are not immunized, society is missing the plot that all human beings are equal. There are ways to test, welcome, and care for everyone.

Setting a precedent to separate one aspect of society is a slippery slope that goes beyond empty shelves. Setting a precedent for not forcing truckers to get vaccinated is one step that could be used to end this dark period before things get too far.


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“This policy was never in the best interests of Canadians and would have resulted in massive disruption to already damaged supply chains,” said Conservative MP Leslyn Lewis. “I am happy to see that Canadian truckers will not be penalized by their own government just for wanting to do their job and move our country forward.

Maybe Trudeau and his team are backing down to force the issue at the border with truckers is a sign of common sense ahead?

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