War in Ukraine. Separatist prosecutor killed by east blast

The prosecutor general of the separatist pro-Russian region of Lugansk, in eastern Ukraine, was killed on Friday by an explosion which occurred in the premises where he worked, announced the authorities, denouncing a « terrorist act « .

“Today, following a terrorist act, the Attorney General of [Lougansk] Sergei Gorenko and his deputy Yekaterina Steglenko were killed,” the pro-Russian leader of this separatist region, Leonid Passechnik, said on Telegram.

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Several separatist leaders killed in recent months

« The explosion, which occurred in the building of the General Prosecutor’s Office (…) shows that the kyiv regime has exceeded all limits of what is acceptable », he continued, while affirming that the separatist authorities were looking for « persons linked to this crime ».

He did not give more details on the nature of this explosion.

In recent months, dozens of separatist officials or Russian administration officials in Ukrainian territories occupied by Moscow have been targeted by attacks, and several of them killed.

This Friday, an official of the Russian occupation administration, Vladimir Rogov, also accused the Ukrainian army of carrying out strikes on the Kherson administration headquarters.

According to this official, a civil servant was injured by these strikes, and her driver killed.


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