War in Ukraine: Canadian army engineers will train Ukrainian soldiers in Poland.

Canada will send to Poland in the coming weeks some forty military engineers who will participate, alongside their Polish colleagues, in the training of Ukrainian sappers, announced Tuesday in Warsaw the Canadian Minister of Defense Anita Anand.

This training provided by the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) will include a range of skills, including technical reconnaissance, the use of explosives for demolition work and mine clearance, according to a press release.

“Our highly skilled combat engineers will transfer state-of-the-art techniques to the Ukrainian forces, they will work alongside the Polish Armed Forces and together with them strengthen Ukraine’s technological capabilities on the ground,” Anand told a conference. given with his Polish counterpart Mariusz Blaszczak.

“They will increase the operational effectiveness of the Ukrainian Armed Forces as they continue to advance and retake their territory,” she added.

This training is in addition to that provided in the United Kingdom by the Canadian military to Ukrainian recruits and to the training of Ukrainian gunners in the handling of M777 howitzers offered to Ukraine by Canada, said Ms. Anand.

She also condemned Russia which “continues to intensify its illegal and unjustifiable invasion of Ukraine with fictitious referendums and the totally illegitimate annexation of Ukrainian territory”.

“Canada does not recognize Putin’s referendums. We never will. We condemn the appalling Russian missile attacks against kyiv and other Ukrainian cities and reiterate that targeting civilians is a war crime,” the Canadian minister said.

She signed a memorandum of understanding with her Polish counterpart intended to strengthen military cooperation between the two countries.

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