Walmart store still closed to the public

The investigation into the accident which seriously injured two electricians at the Walmart store last night is still ongoing. The Omer-Marcil Boulevard branch is still closed.

The two men were reportedly victims of an explosion. “The accident happened in the electrical room of Walmart, when a circuit breaker was closed. The work had been planned, in particular with Hydro-Québec”, indicates Karine Seyer, spokesperson for the Commission for Standards, Equity, Health and Safety at Work. She could not confirm when the store will reopen.

The accident was reported on Sunday, July 17, at 10:43 p.m., to the emergency services. The two men were working on the central panel of the building. They were quickly taken to hospital. Both suffered second and third degree burns.

The most seriously injured man is 37 years old. His teammate has 56. Their lives are not in danger, according to the police.

Inspectors were dispatched to the scene during the night. The scene of the accident is still cordoned off by a security perimeter.


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