Violence by firearms: vast police operation launched Thursday morning in Laval


LAVAL, Qc — Several dozen police officers were deployed early Thursday morning in Laval to neutralize suspects who were allegedly involved in events of gun violence and drug trafficking.

A dozen searches were planned for dawn by the Laval Police Department (SPL), which benefited from the assistance of police officers from the Sûreté du Québec (SQ) and a few other municipal police forces.

Arrests were also to be made in connection with the possession of firearms and narcotics.

Laval police have reported that the suspects are involved in organized crime.

Several incidents involving the use of firearms have occurred over the past year on Laval territory. Less than two weeks ago, a shooting near Montmorency College, which caused a confinement of staff and students, was linked to a street gang according to what the head of the SPL, Pierre Brochet, confirmed.

Laval Mayor Stéphane Boyer recently spoke with Public Security Minister François Bonnardel to ask for financial support from the Government of Quebec so that Laval police have the tools they need to break the tide. of crime.

The City plans to build a new police station costing some $60 million in the heart of Chomedey, the most criminal neighborhood in Laval, according to Mayor Boyer.


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