Vinci grants a 10% reduction on payments by holiday vouchers

Vinci Autoroutes will grant a 10% reduction on toll expenses paid in holiday vouchers, the concessionaire told the Minister of Transport, who asked for a « gesture » from the motorway companies.

“Vinci Autoroutes has decided (…) to grant a 10% reduction on its network on toll expenses paid by means of holiday vouchers deposited on Ulys electronic toll badges”, detailed its president Pierre Coppey.

From July 14 to September 15

The 4.5 million French people who benefit from holiday vouchers can deposit up to 250 euros on their electronic toll badge, ie a maximum discount of 25 euros. This measure comes into force on July 14, and will be effective for all trips made until September 15.

At Vinci, Pierre Coppey explained that « motorway concession companies do not benefit from inflation, which penalizes them like many companies, insofar as the prices of the work they have to carry out for the construction and the proper maintenance of the network are blazing ».

Moreover, « motorway tariffs have not been affected by the current wave of inflation », he stressed, with an annual increase of 2% on February 1, 2022.

“In the probably lasting context of strong pressure on the prices of fossil fuels, the only way to protect purchasing power in the long term is to implement sustainable solutions to decarbonize road transport, which represents, let us remember the, 85% of the journeys of our fellow citizens”, underlined the president of Vinci Autoroutes.


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