Vancouver YouTuber is making an English series for the ESL community

Learning a second language can be difficult at the best of times. That’s why a Vancouver man from Mexico started a YouTube channel, hoping to help others with the English language.

Vancouver’s Efrain Solis videos may not win any awards, but they help people who struggle with difficult words in English.

Solis will be the first to admit that he’s definitely not a master of the cinematic arts. But he still spends a lot of time creating his English online help videos.

« These are silly but funny videos to capture people’s attention, » said Solis, the creator of Lemmesaeit! on Youtube.

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After moving from Mexico City to Vancouver in 2009, Solis immediately faced many challenges in day-to-day conversation, such as something as simple as asking for a coke at the convenience store.

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“Everyone was laughing until the clerk said you might want to pronounce it that way. It was embarrassing and your confidence goes away.

He didn’t know the meaning of many of the words people said to him on the street, from complimentary to derogatory.

« (Someone) said, ‘You lousy Mexican.’ I didn’t know what that meant, did he just insult me?” Solis told Global News.

So Solis has made it his mission to master the language and try to help others along the way.

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He learned basic editing skills and created his character, named Self-E, to star in his YouTube series.

“I became a little boy again. I’m 47 and having a lot of fun,” he said.

He has a long list of hard-to-understand English words, but he’s making great strides, hoping his YouTube channel can help others avoid some of those embarrassing experiences.

If you’re interested in Solis’ videos, you can head over to his YouTube channel.

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