Valérie Bertinelli called the police after catching suspected burglars near her house

By Mona Khalifeh‍,

Valérie Bertinelli can now add Crime Stoppers to her resume!

The Food Network star took to her Instagram Story on Wednesday to share that she caught suspected burglars on camera outside her home following a « chain of robberies » in her neighborhood.

Bertinelli said the homes of several of his neighbors, including his next door neighbor, had been broken into. In her stories, she shared video footage and photos through her security camera, of two men she believes are burglars. The 62-year-old actress also shared snaps of the men she says « came » to « spot » her house on Tuesday night and early Wednesday morning.

The video shows a man in a black hat and carrying several bags, including a large backpack, approaching the camera before stopping and briefly looking around. He then turns around and walks in the direction he came from.

« He’s one of the men who came to inspect my house last night. I think he’s stopping because he sees my camera on, » Bertinelli wrote alongside the video. « The other came an hour before him. »

« Scary f**king, » she added.


Photos show the other man, who was also wearing a hat and carrying a large backpack. Bertinelli said police arrived on the scene quickly and checked around his home.

As she filmed these alleged burglars, the ‘Hot in Cleveland’ actress said she was installing motion sensors and even considering putting barbed wire on her fence as an extra precaution.

Valerie Bertinelli


« I’m installing more motion sensor lights and thinking about putting barbed wire on my fence, » she wrote. « And of course my alarm clock is set every night. »


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