Valaire: a new song and a clip bringing together famous actors

Actors Guy Jodoin, Julie Le Breton, Guylaine Tremblay, Charlotte Aubin and Nicolas Michon all lent themselves to the game of appearing in the wacky music video for the new song by the band Valaire.

Title That Depends On Youthe new song by the group Valaire, with soul legend Alan Prater, announces the great return of the group after six years of absence on record.

The music video for this piece is as crazy as anything Luis Clavis’ beautiful band has gotten us used to before. It’s festive, lively and completely absurd as we follow a mechanic (played by Nicolas Michon who we saw in the series Can you hear me?) grappling with… an egg constantly playing Valaire’s play!

In short, the group tickles us in a beautiful and unique way on its 5th opus, which is scheduled for release in the winter of 2023.


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