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US issues stark warning to global economy – RT Business News

World faces potential slowdown amid rising inflation, says Janet Yellen

US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said on Wednesday that rising food and energy prices were having “stagflationary” effects, namely lower output and spending and higher inflation. around the world.

She told reporters ahead of a meeting of G7 finance ministers in Bonn, Germany, that she did not see the United States entering a recession.

“We obviously have inflation, the Fed is tightening monetary policy to deal with it,“, she said, adding “We are in a global environment where there are significant risks and pressures, but I really don’t expect the United States to fall into recession.”

According to Yelen, “Europe is more vulnerable and of course more exposed on the energy front than the United States.”

She also pointed out that the global economy faces the risk of a “Potential slowdown.”

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