Up to $150,000 federal grant for electric vehicles from Lion

Manufacturer Lion Electric announced Tuesday that its electric medium and heavy-duty vehicles are eligible for federal funding of up to $150,000.

The grant is awarded under the Incentive Program for Zero-Emission Medium and Heavy-Duty Vehicles (« iVMLZE »), which allows Ottawa to release $550 million in funding for the purchase or lease of medium- and heavy-duty vehicles during the next four years.

All models in Lion’s electric vehicle lineup are eligible for incentive financing of up to $100,000, while the Lion8T tractor truck can reach $150,000, according to the manufacturer, which says that thanks in both federal and provincial programs, a Lion6 truck is eligible for more than $240,000 in subsidy.

“As a leading Canadian manufacturer of medium and heavy-duty electric vehicles, we are excited to see the Canadian government supporting the deployment of zero-emission heavy-duty trucks and passenger buses with the launch of the iVMLZE program,” s Congratulated Marc Bédard, President and Founder of Lion Electric.

“Through its LionGrants team, the Society has been supporting its clients for years to ensure they take advantage of all available incentive funding; we are therefore immediately in a position to seek subsidies under this new program for buyers to benefit from,” he added.


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