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Unusual.  She raises 50 rats at home: “These are my babies”

To all lovers of rats and rodents of all kinds, this story is made for you. Michele Raybon is a 51-year-old retiree, a big lover of animals and in particular of the rats with which she made the buzz when she gave them a bath in her kitchen sink, reported the DailyMail.

The video (to view by clicking on the link of the newspaper) of the rats piled up in this sink in Palmdale (United States) has gone viral on Facebook, bringing together more than 350,000 views. In total, Michele Raybon has 25 males and 25 females which she takes care of like her own children. “These are my babies, they can’t hurt,” she says, hugging them.

Changing Mindsets About Rats

Her love for animals is not new, but at the start, in 2018, Michele Raybon had only three rats. Over time, she started getting to know breeders and buying some to sell to other rodent lovers like her, before finally keeping them.

The young retiree has a special relationship with her fifty rats. Thus, “everyone has his own personality”, which means that she is attached to each of them in a different way.

She has also made it her mission to change attitudes about these animals, which are known to be dirty and live in unsanitary places. “Many have changed their minds and want them as pets,” she persuades herself. “Some are open-minded, but some are not. »

They call him Dr. Doolittle

In reality, at Michele’s, it’s a real little menagerie. Along with the rats also live four dogs, three cats and two pigs. “I love animals, I wanted to be a veterinarian when I was little but it never happened,” simply explained the one who also owned two sheep, two goats, chickens and ducks.

And if you are still not convinced of her love for animals, here is an argument that should please you since her ex-husband called her Dr. Doolittle. “The pigs live in a barn and I feed the cats at the same time as the dogs, so it doesn’t represent a lot of work”, assures the enthusiast.

Seeing these rats take a bath will at least have the merit of thinking that these rodents are in fact clean, as in this famous video showing a rat showering in a gutter.