United States: she is refused a risky drug in the event of pregnancy even if she does not want a child

Another implausible story about the United States and abortion, this time about a woman not even pregnant, in a state protecting this right, and initially only wanting a drug to reduce horrible pain related to chronic diseases.

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This is what Tara Rule’s viral testimony on TikTok, seen more than 3 million times since September 14, and taken up in various American media since yesterday, has taught us.

Tara Rule

TikTok screenshot

Tara Rule

In his video, M.me Rule alleges that a neurologist denied him a very effective drug to combat the pain caused by chronic cluster headaches and Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, a syndrome that will increase his already present comorbidities in the years to come.

In opposition to the prescription of this treatment, the medical specialist advances a rather strange reason in a State like that of New York: it is a risky drug in the event of pregnancy.

However, as Tara Rule is of an age to conceive according to the medical specialist, she would have refused for this reason to prescribe this treatment despite the fact that Mrs.me Rule does not wish to have children.

In the radius of the risks for the fetus, the medical specialist explained to Mme Rule that this treatment can cause birth defects and miscarriages.

Several recordings of the conversations between Tara Rule and her neurologist seem to show that the latter is straddling her principles, defending her refusal to give right to this drug. She argues that the overturning of Roe v. Wade would give him the right to refuse to prescribe the drug to Mrs.me Rules.

Like Mme Rule explains in his testimony that all these different elements were repeated by the medical specialist several times, despite the fact that Ms.me Rule and her spouse have no desire to conceive since the woman’s illnesses already prevent her almost naturally from being able to carry a pregnancy to term.

Her husband even said he was ready to undergo a vasectomization to be able to prove that he, too, did not want to conceive a child with his wife.

It was after a succession of refusals that Tara Rule, dejected and in search of answers, decided to publish her testimony.

Amid her cries, one thing stands out: why are religious principles being put in opposition to health care in the United States?

“It’s not a religious hospital, okay? And I live in New York. I thought I’d be a little safer in New York, but no… Are we really going to prioritize the hypothetical situation over my pain? she says in English in the video.

This issue is all the more crucial as the midterm elections approach, the Supreme Court struck down Roe v. Wade who legalized abortion at the federal level and that the Republican Party platform proudly advances its desire to make it illegal at the federal level.

While many women experience the same setbacks (health care providers refusing to provide care, for reasons based on religion or law, because such and such a drug would be risky for the conception of a child), this kind of testimony shows that this problem does not seem to affect only the red states (voting majority for the Republican Party).

United States: she is refused a risky drug in the event of pregnancy even if she does not want a child

The mid-term elections, renewing the entire House of Representatives and a third of the American Senate, will take place on 8th November next.


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