Uninfox. The vaccine pass « reactivated from August 1 »? A phrase by Christian Estrosi « taken out of context »


In a context of an upsurge in Covid-19 cases, Christian Estrosi expressed his concerns on Monday during the Nice Metropolitan Council, according to Nice-Matin.

Cases 25 times higher than official figures

Estimating that « according to scientists, the number of real cases would be 25 times higher than the official figures » (based on the city’s wastewater), he anticipated « a new peak, expected in early August », which will lead to « the reactivation screening tests […] from Wednesday August 3.

But the mayor of Nice especially declared to have “information according to which the vaccine pass could be reactivated from next August 1”.

The extract has since been widely taken up and disseminated on social networks, particularly in the anti-vaccine sphere and by opponents of health measures.

The vaccine pass suspended on March 14

The vaccination pass was suspended on March 14, four weeks before the first round of the presidential election. The health pass, for which a recent negative test is sufficient, is no longer necessary except at the entrance to care establishments and for the elderly, under the state of health emergency which must end on July 31 .

In fact, if he intends to extend this measure – or others – the executive will have to go through Parliament – ​​in a context that is also much more complicated than the past two years. The “information” available to Christian Estrosi comes from a draft law to this effect, since confirmed by the Ministry of Health.

The text actually only has three articles: the first to extend the tools for listing and tracing positive cases and their contacts, the third to create a “watch and anticipation committee”.

Christian Estrosi therefore undoubtedly evokes the second article of the text, which makes it possible to establish a health pass “to or from hexagonal territory”.

The “recommended” mask in public transport

The measure would therefore only apply to the country’s borders. Nowhere in the text is there any question of the reestablishment on French soil of a vaccination pass to access this or that place. Especially since the government would have all the difficulty in the world to have such a measure adopted, whether in the Senate or the National Assembly, without an absolute majority.

With our colleagues from Parisian, the entourage of the mayor of Nice assured, despite the explicit words of the video, that Mr. Estrosi spoke well « of the border pass for those who travel, and not of the health or vaccination pass at the restaurant . […] The quotes have been taken out of context.

The Minister of Health Brigitte Bourguignon, on RTL Monday evening, invited not to « disseminate false information ». In terms of health, she recommended wearing the mask again in transport in the face of the current epidemic resurgence.

On this point, she was joined by Christian Estrosi who, “Faced with an inevitable seventh wave”, “Advocated” respect for barrier gestures and the wearing of a mask in public transport.


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