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Dmitry Kuleba says Ukraine’s president has set an ‘internal deadline’ for the country to join the EU

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has set a « internal delay » for kyiv to join the EU, said the country’s foreign minister.

« EU integration is like a farmer’s job: you have to go to work in the field every day, instead of planning hypothetically how many years it would take », Dmitry Kuleba told Forbes Ukraina magazine on Monday.

The minister said the country needed to focus on adjusting its legislation to comply with EU standards.

When asked if the government had imposed itself « internal delay » for membership, Kuleba replied: « Not the government, but President Zelensky has set an internal deadline for Ukraine’s EU membership. »

« But I won’t tell you » he added, according to Forbes Ukraine.

The decision also depends on the European Union, and not only on us. If we set a deadline, we might scare someone in the EU into deliberately blocking everything related to Ukraine’s European integration. Even if we implement 120% of all standards and guidelines, they will remain stuck. Everything must therefore be done calmly, wisely and aimed at achieving results.

Ukraine applied to join the 27-nation bloc shortly after Russia launched its military offensive in late February. Last month, Brussels granted Kyiv EU candidate status, the first step in a long accession process.

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At the same time, Brussels said Kyiv must continue with structural reforms, fight corruption and reduce « the lingering influence of the oligarchs. »

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov told the Izvestia newspaper on Monday that making Ukraine a candidate was « part of the geopolitical bet against Russia » and a way to « to demand full solidarity with the EU with its anti-Russian actions. »

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