Ukraine accuses Hungarian PM of spreading ‘Russian propaganda’ – RT Russia and former USSR

kyiv criticizes Viktor Orban for saying that anti-Russian sanctions and arms deliveries to kyiv did not yield any results

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s comments on the ineffectiveness of anti-Russian sanctions are « a classic example of Russian propaganda,Ukrainian Foreign Ministry spokesman Oleg Nikolenko said on Sunday.

Orban said on Saturday that the decision to impose sanctions on Moscow and supply kyiv with heavy weapons had turned EU and NATO member states into de facto participants in the conflict, without yielding results.

Responding in a Facebook post, Nikolenko said the idea that « sanctions have not shaken Russia » represent « a classic example of Russian propaganda.”

The Foreign Ministry spokesman claimed that the sanctions are effective because they have “significantly reduced” the capabilities of the Russian army, while Western arms supplies helped save the lives of Ukrainians.

He claimed that if sanctions and weapons were ineffective, the Kremlin would not have used « crazy resourcesto stop them. Moscow has warned the West against supplying arms to kyiv, saying it will not prevent Russia from achieving its military goals, but will lead to additional casualties. Russian officials also pointed to the boomerang effect of Western sanctions.

In a speech Saturday in the Romanian town of Baile Tusnad, Orban said the conflict could end Western supremacy and “create a multipolar world order.“The Hungarian leader argued that the West needs to develop”a new strategy.

Nikolenko replied that « Europe is in economic crisis not because of sanctions, but because of Russia’s Hybrid War.” Moscow, meanwhile, categorically denies accusations of using energy supplies as a political weapon.

The Ukrainian official said Russian President Vladimir Putin “will not stop until it destroys the European order based on democratic values, » which means “joint decisive action » is necessary.

« Together we will surely defeat Russia, even despite the fears of the Hungarian Prime Minister that the Russian army has an « asymmetrical advantagesaid Nikolenko, referring to Orban’s assertion that Ukraine cannot win the war because of the disparity of forces.

Nikolenko has lambasted Western politicians in the past. Earlier this month, Nikolenko accused US Congresswoman Victoria Spartz of trying to bring « Russian propagandain American politics.

Sparta called for a mechanism to track military aid provided to kyiv and expressed doubts about the reliability of President Vladimir Zelensky’s chief of staff. Nikolenko advised Sparta “stop trying to gain additional political capital on baseless speculation around the topic of war » and « stop undermining existing mechanisms for US military assistance to Ukraine.

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