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White teachers will be the first to lose their jobs in a deal reached by a Minneapolis union

White teachers will be the first to be fired if job cuts are needed at public schools in Minneapolis, Minnesota — regardless of seniority or class effectiveness, according to a new collective bargaining agreement the local school district has signed. with his union.

Starting next spring at Minneapolis Public Schools (MPS), non-white teachers will be protected when funding cuts, such as those related to declining enrollment, result in layoffs. The agreement with the Minneapolis Federation of Teachers (MFT) union was signed last March, ending a three-week strike, but the racial disposition was revealed in a report by local outlet Alpha News on Sunday.

“In the event that a teacher who is a member of an underrepresented population is exceeded among the licensed teachers at the site, the district shall override the least senior teacher who is not a member of a under-represented population”, the new employment contract reads. “Excessive” means reducing staff when enrollment declines at a particular school.

These layoffs are normally based on seniority, meaning the last teacher hired will be the first to be fired. The new employment agreement not only exempts nonwhite teachers from this threat — at least until the district runs out of white employees to fire — it also stipulates that previously terminated staff members from “underrepresented populations” will be the first to be rehired when there are opportunities for reintegration.

The school district and union have justified firing teachers because of skin color by suggesting it would make up for past wrongs.

“Past discrimination by the district has had a disproportionate impact on the hiring of underrepresented teachers in the district, relative to the affected labor market and community, and has resulted in a lack of teacher diversity,” according to the contract.

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An MPS spokesperson told Fox News Digital on Monday that the district and its union “from a common agreement” to the new language of the contract for “addressing the lingering effects of past discrimination”. The union said race-based preferences will help improve the quality of education in Minneapolis schools.

“Students need educators who are like them and with whom they can identify” the MFT said in its contract summary. “This language gives us the ability to identify and address issues that contribute to a disproportionate turnover of educators of color.”

Demographic numbers suggest that the racial makeup of school staff roughly matches the population of Minneapolis. Whites make up 63% of the city’s population and hold less than 67% of jobs in the school district, according to U.S. Census Bureau and MPS figures. Blacks make up 19% of the population and 18% of school staff.

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