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Boxing’s biggest all-British match for a generation hit another snag after Tyson Fury withdrew his offer of a December 3 showdown with Anthony Joshua, after a Monday deadline expired to agree contract terms .

A fight between the two men had appeared close after Fury offered Joshua a chance to claim his WBC heavyweight title following Joshua’s second successive loss to Ukrainian champion Aleksandyr Usyk last month, with talks appearing to be progressing satisfactorily and a date of December 3 being agreed for the clash.

However, Fury announced last weekend that he would pull out of the fight if Joshua did not accept the contract presented to him at 5pm (UK time) on Monday – and as soon as that deadline came and went past, Fury took to social media to state that he was drawing a line through the potential fight and moving on to other opportunities.

« Well guys it’s official. D-day has passed, it passed 5 a.m. Monday and no contract has been signed“Fury said in a video message posted on social media.

« It’s officially over for Joshua, he’s now out in the cold with the wolf pack. Forget it. Idiot, coward, s***house, bodybuilder. You always knew you didn’t have the minerals to fight the Gyspy King. Regardless of what you say now, I don’t care. Good luck in your career and in your life, end of.”

Fury is now expected to pursue a fight with German heavyweight Manuel Charr, a 33-4 fighter who would be a significant step up from Joshua in terms of challenge and potential pay-per-view revenue – but in speaking to iFL TV Joshua promoter, Eddie Hearn, suggested that Fury never intended to box his fighter.

« Tyson Fury has no intention of taking this fight if that’s the route he’s going to take« , Hearn said.

« Tyson Fury said he’s retired, Tyson Fury said he’s giving his money to the homeless…and now Tyson Fury says he’s walking away from the fight if we don’t sign on Monday. Well guess what, we don’t sign on Monday; we have a meeting on Monday to discuss various points of the contract.

« We waited nine days for the contract and we worked really hard with Queensberry, nobody messed around, and we have meetings with BT, with DAZN, with Queensberry, to go through the process and do this but it doesn’t doesn’t happen Monday. If you’re true to your word, which you never are, then leave.

“The public knows, you are going to fight Manuel Charr on December 3; it’s a joke. so let’s not waste our time because we’ve already spent a lot of time on this fight. If you don’t want the fight, walk away. I don’t think Tyson and Queensberry are on the same page; they can’t be.”

If the highly publicized Fury vs. Joshua fight was scrapped, it would represent the third time in as many years that the fight has been promised but not delivered.

Fury came under fire in the summer of 2020 for saying in another social media video that former adviser Daniel Kinahan helped broker a deal for the fight. Kinahan has since been targeted by authorities in various countries amid allegations that the Irishman is running a high profile drug cartel operation.

A proposed date also fell through last year after a US judge ruled Deontay Wilder was contractually guaranteed a third fight with Fury after drawing the first and losing the second in their series.

Fury won the fight by eleventh-round knockout in Las Vegas last October in a fight he dominated from start to finish.

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