TV. Finding Jamie Lee Curtis

Can you be yourself when you’re an actress in Hollywood? Jamie Lee Curtis is one of the few actresses in American studios to achieve this after a forty-year career. The documentary devoted to him insists on his search for perfection since 1979, but also on his desire not to let himself be locked into boxes. If she began by playing the cult role of the wise babysitter in the film « Halloween », by John Carpenter, she also sparkled with mischief in « A Fish Called Wanda » or « True Lies », by James Cameron. « She embodied all the stereotypes of women, from the queen of terror to the sex symbol, from the femme fatale to the submissive wife or the whore with a big heart », insists the film. Which also points in the wake of her complete lack of self-confidence. It’s that it’s not easy being the daughter of Tony Curtis (“Some Like It Hot”, “Friendly Yours”) and Janet Leigh (the girl who dies in the shower in “Psychosis”) . She managed to follow her own path, to invent her own freedom, in the work. “If you knew the time I wasted telling myself that I was not good enough,” she chokes in front of a journalist. Even if the psychologizing explanations are a little annoying, this documentary has the merit of highlighting a beautiful journey of a woman, finally free.


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